Privacy Policy


G-MAC Tyres & Auto Centre is committed to protecting your privacy. We aim to ensure that all information you give to us is held securely and is only used in a manner that you have consented to or would expect. Everything we do is underpinned by our values as a community based economic development organisation and social enterprise, and by our commitment to Customer Service Excellence (CSE)

This privacy notice applies to G-MAC Tyres & Auto Centre Ltd. whose Company address is: 52-55 Curran Rd, Larne BT40 1BU, UK

This notice explains how we collect, store and use your personal data. The website referred to in this notice is

The information in this notice is provided in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which was implemented on 25/5/2018.

What information does G-MAC collect?

G-MAC may collect data from you when you interact with us online, face to face, by post, over the phone or via SMS. Some of this information is personal data which can be used to identify you. Examples of personal data may include your name, address, date of birth, telephone number, email address and sometimes bank details if you are a paying customer of G-MAC e.g. a tenant occupying our workspace. We will only collect essential data which is relevant to the purpose for which you have given it and the programme or service that you are interested in.

We would also like to make you aware of other services and programmes that G-MAC offers which may be of relevance to you, however we can only do this with your expressed permission

How do we use your personal data?

The purpose of collecting personal data is to ensure you receive the service that you may have requested. We may also use your personal data to keep you informed about our work if you have requested this. Examples of such communications from G-MAC are information concerning our workspace, our business start- up and business development programmes, seminars or training that we offer, community engagement programmes that we are involved in and other new programmes or projects that we may develop in future which may be of interest to you.

How will G-MAC contact you?

We may contact you via post, email, telephone, SMS text or social media. However, we will only contact you by the channel you have told us that you wish to receive communications by and where we have received your consent to do so. Should you wish you can specify a time limit for your consent to remain valid, after which time we will not be able to contact you unless you give further consent. As a default position we will consider consent to remain valid for 12 months unless you ask for your consent to be withdrawn.

How does G-MAC store and share your data?

G-MAC stores your data on a secure, password protected server. Your data will not be processed outside of G-MAC and will not be disclosed to any parties outside of G-MAC, except if there is a legal requirement to do so

As part of our responsibilities to ensure that data we hold is accurate and up to date, we may utilise an IT support company to carry out checks of our software and processes.

How long will G-MAC hold your personal data?

Your personal data will be held on our database during the period of our active relationship or in accordance with the requirements of programme funders. We will not keep your personal data for any longer than is necessary. Once it is no longer required we will take all reasonable steps to destroy it or erase it from our systems.

Your Rights

In relation to us processing your personal data you have the following rights, which can be exercised at any time (subject to contractual information that G-MAC is required to hold as detailed above):

To withdraw your consent for us to process your personal data.

To be forgotten – to request your data is no longer processed or quarantined.

Subject access requests – a right to request a copy of the data we hold about you.

What else you should know about privacy?

Remember to close your browser and use screensaver when you have finished your session. This will help ensure others cannot access your personal information and correspondence if you share a computer with someone else or are using a computer in a public place like a library or internet café. You, as an individual, are responsible for the security of, and access to, your own computer.

Please be aware that whenever you voluntarily disclose personal information over the internet that this information can be collected and used by others. In short, if you post personal information in publicly accessible online forums, you may receive unsolicited messages from other parties in return. Ultimately, you are solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy of your usernames and passwords and any account information. Please be careful and responsible whenever you are using the internet.

Our pages may contain links to other websites, and you should be aware that we are not responsible for the privacy practices on other websites.

Your Questions

Contact us via email

If you wish to receive further information regarding G-MAC's Data Protection Policy please contact Gordon McKay at 52-55 Curran Rd, Larne BT40 1BU, UK or email

For any issues, questions or concerns you may have in relation to the way G-MAC processes your data please do not hesitate to contact Gordon McKay.

If at any time you have any concerns about the way your data has been processed by G-MAC and those concerns cannot be resolved by G-MAC directly you have the right to take those concerns externally and raise them with the regulator, the Information Commissioner