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Gearbox & Clutch Repairs

Clutch repairs and gearbox repairs sound expensive and complicated but don't worry G-MAC has got you covered. Our workshop technicians in Larne are fully trained to help diagnose and fix these finicky items. Clutches are wear items that should last a long time but sometimes fail early due to excessive use or faulty componentry. We'll quickly get to the bottom of your issue and get you back on the road with quality parts. If you feel your clutch starting to slip or judder bring it into us immediately because you could be left stranded on the road. If that happens you can still depend on us to help you with our

If your clutch does need repairing or replaced, we will always give you a full quote before we start. We can even show you the defective part before first.

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Gearbox & Clutch Replacement

"Clutch"... The word every motorist fears.
Changing the clutch is a more expensive job on a motor repair but if you consider the engine damage which could be done due to driving a defective clutch it is clearly worth having this work carried out when needed.


Cost effective in the long run

Any car manufacturer catered for

Avoid unnecessary engine damage