Welding Repair Work

Structural rigidity is very important for safety and roadworthiness. With over 27 years combined welding experience our qualified technicians are able to fix, repair and modify your car, van or lorry. We provide a wide range of welding repair services in the Larne and Co. Antrim area and can provide cost-effective repairs for all chassis & bodywork related requirements. MOT failures are often because of rot / corrosion and our expert technicians can cut out affected metal and weld in new metal with treated sealant to prolong your vehicle's life.

Small accidents, rust, corrosion, age and decay can all lead to metal degradation. It's better to get this treated whilst there is still something to weld onto.

Exhausts / Fabrication
We are able to weld together exhaust kits and custom fabricate you something so that your car or truck sounds even better. Lots of customers get stainless steal exhausts made to help with performance

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Welding Services

Replacing floor panels
 Exhaust Repairs
 Sill Repairs
 Fitting New Sills
Structural damage
Full bumper repairs
Shunt bar repairs
Wheel arch repair
Complete car restoration
Chassis repairs
Suspension mounts
Exhaust Fabrication

Welding for Strength & Repair

The cost of welding repair work varies greatly from job to job. Labour time involved can rise as new problems or bad spots are discovered. It is a strong and reliable way to repair rust problems and a fantastic & quick solution to keeping your car or van on the road.


Suitable on most vehicles

Any car manufacturer catered for

Getting you back on the road quicker

We can work on...

Car welding
Van welding
Trailer welding
Motorhome welding
Camper welding
Light Truck welding
Lorry welding
Minibus welding
Chassis-Cab welding
Caravan welding
Taxi welding
4x4 welding