Truck Tyre Regrooving

Get back in the groove!

Prolong the life of your tyres! Regrooving is the practice of carving out the rubber in the grooves of a medium commercial lorry tyres to create extra tread depth. Regrooving offers an easy and low cost way to extend the life of the tyre, without compromising on safety.  On average, regrooving a lorry tyre will extend tyre life by 25%, that’s over £100 worth of additional life. However this is not a job for an amateur so why not bring your truck to  G-MAC in Larne or call us out to regroove your tyres for optimal efficiency and peace of mind.

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Benefits of regrooving your truck tyres

Tyre reproving unlocks additional service life from your new tyres and offers several benefits. The best time to regroove is when the original tread is worn to 4mm remaining depth.


Increased Efficiency

More Safety

Reduced Overheads