Winter Tyres

Winter tyres / snow tyres are your ticket to traction. You’re in the driver’s seat with the best winter tyres and new levels of confidence and control for every drive, every day. Our winter tyres are designed with special materials that stay soft to provide maximum traction in temperatures below 7˚C. Specially designed tread block patterns help to grip snow, ice, and slush covered roads better than any all-season tyre. Larne suffers from some of the worst black ice throughout the UK and we’re glad to provide you with great winter tyres to keep you and your family safe.

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Why fit winter tyres?

Improved Handling
Improved Grip
Decreased Braking Distance
Safer Journeys

New Winter Tyres!

We offer all brands of tyres. You can get the best tyres for your car whatever your budget. Performance, Economy or Comfort. We can help recommend winter tyres for your car if you're not sure what you want.  


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