Brake Servicing

We'll fix your brakes

Brakes are one of the most critical safety systems on a vehicle and yet remain one of the most overlooked. Our expert technicians are able to fully service your brakes and replace worn parts with OEM & direct replacement parts to keep you safe on the road. Wear, corrosion, rust and time can all take their toll and we're able to get them back up to par again. Safety is our number one concern and reduced stopping power means your car is unroadworthy so we want to make sure you are safe on the road.  Improved braking performance could be the difference between avoiding a crash or damaging your vehicle.

Cars that are not used regularly with good use of the brakes are prone to handbrake and calliper issues. Keeping your brakes well serviced is an inexpensive way to ensure confidence in your daily driver.

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New brakes mean:

Shorter stopping distances
 Increased safety
 Increased roadworthiness
Improved performance
Peace of mind

Brake Servicing

By keeping up with regular brake checks you can avoid unnecessary costs of seized callipers and more. Be safe in the knowledge that you can stop when your need to.


Affordable brake replacement

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Peace of mind